Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bill Bartmann Business Advice: Professional Phone Presentation

When people call your company, what do they hear? If you or an employee is at work, they likely hear your happy voices, but what if you are not around. What do they hear after hours or if all the phones are busy? You should have a professional recording that will pick up and take care of those customers. If you don't you stand the risk of losing a sale or even turning a potential customer off from you since you sound less than professional.

You need a professional after-hours and busy recording.

Clear Voice

Bill Bartmann's tip # 1 is the first thing you need to look for is a clear voice to give your message to potential callers. Remember, your phone message is your first contact with a potential customer who may call when someone else can't pick up. That means you need to make sure it is a voice that speaks clearly and well and seems to suit your company well. Perhaps your voice will be able to fit the bill. Some businesses hire professional voices to do their recordings.

Who They Are Calling

Bill Bartmann's tip # 2 is that first thing your professional after-hours and busy recording needs to have on it is a clear introduction of who they are calling. When people call your business they first want to make sure they have the right number. They also like to know they are really calling a legitimate business, so make sure you offer them a professional introduction.

Service You Offer

Bill Bartmann's tip # 3 is remember, the phone message that your callers are going to listen to is a replacement of a real person picking up the phone to talk to them. You need to make sure the message on the machine is just as thorough as you would be if you picked up the phone. Make sure the phone message mentions the services you offer and how you can help them.

Time and Location Information

Bill Bartmann's tip # 4 is one of the things that many people totally forget to put on their phone message is their location and their business hours. Many people who are calling are calling for just this information. Make sure you let them know when they should come to see you and where you are located! Give them your full address.

Website Information

Bill Bartmann's tip # 5 is even if it's after hours, is there a way people can get a hold of you online or at least look at what you have to offer? Why not send them there. Make sure your phone message gives them your website so they can go and read all about you and possibly even put in an order. There's nothing like making money while you're not even at the office!

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